About Me

You may listen to my podcast and think, who on earth is this guy?

Well below will give you a bit of a down-low on where I come from and what inspired me to do this podcast.

Where am I from?

Well, if you have listened to any of my shows so far, you will hear a distinct Yorkshire accent! I was originally born in Sandwell, near West Bromwich and moved to Leeds at the age of 5.

I then moved around Yorkshire (in around Barnsley, Wakefield and York) before settling in a village on the outskirts of York

Why Country Music?

Growing up in the UK, the access to Country Music wasn't that great. The only forms of CM we could listen to was songs that crossed over in the charts, such as Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Kenny Rodgers. When Carrie Underwood won American Idol, this opened up a new world of new country music.

I ended up working in San Antonio, Texas for a couple of months, so I was in the thick of country music, in the bars, on the radio and at work. This is where I listened to Chris Stapleton (Tennessee Whiskey) and Jon Pardi (Head over Boots) for the first time.

When I returned to the UK, I then had a crazy obsession with listening to as much as I physically could via Spotify, YouTube and stations in the UK such as Country Hits and Chris Country. I also found the Bobby Bones show in which I listened to their show via a podcast  which I back dated from 2016.

So, Why a Podcast?

Why did I think to start a podcast?


It's something I had to ask myself when I first thought of the idea.

Well there was a couple of factors in this.

I listened to a lot of Podcasts that interview country artists. There is the Bobbycast (Bobby Bones), Country Music Talk (Baylen Leonard) and Podcasts from Forever British Country.

Other than FBC, there wasn't many podcasts that speak to the smaller artists that don't get the same air time as other bigger artists and I wanted to be another voice in the mix that helps (particularly newer artists) get their voice out into the world.

A rather selfish reason for me to do this podcast is that I wanted myself to listen to new music. We all get stuck in the cycle of your favourite playlist and I wanted something to keep pushing me to listen to new music and this was a great way!

One of the things that I love about the podcast as a wholes the fact that I have zero commercial radio experience and I have a very limited knowledge on the music industry as a whole. So I speak to artists as a genuine fan of the music.