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All I Want

The past few weeks have been non-stop for a lot of people, whether it is going back to work after the quarantine or having to find new work. This has been the same for myself and a track I missed was a new single released on the 17th July by an artist called Domy B, hailing from Austria, with his new track All I Want.

Following along the popular Country Pop route, Domy B starts with what sounds like a cross between synths and a heavily produced electric guitar and a melodic acoustic riff before breaking into vocals with a mellow hollow drumbeat. As Domy B progresses into the pre-chorus, the majority of the instrumentation die down with an increase of cymbals and when the chorus begins with a pop infused drumbeat begins. After the second chorus we are introduced with a delectable electric guitar solo which when ends results in an almost choir like rendition of the chorus and a few beats of claps which allows for a second beat drop when the instrumentation comes crashing back in. With the wonderful layering of instruments and production, the feel of the instruments increases that feeling of desperation, when somebody desperately wants to be with someone.

Vocally Domy B has a wonderful range in his softer tones, through the verses, to the louder chorus. Lyrically there’s nothing to find fault with, great uses of rhyme (my heart beats fast like a drum, I’m the bullet you’re a gun) and takes you through a story from start to finish. The female vocals harmonising throughout the song adds that great feel to the whole song.

All in all, All I Want is a truly great song which showcases the wonderful vocals of Domy B. I really can’t wait to see what else Domy B has planned!


All I Want is available to buy or stream now on all major platforms and follow Domy B on his socials:

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