Review: Blown Away EP - Charlotte Young

Half a bottle

Almost in story telling fashion, Charlotte takes us to the end of a relationship in such a descriptive and emotionally way that takes us back to our own hard break ups. Describing her emotions in detail, we can picture a woman heartbroken by a recent break up. ‘waterproof mascara isn’t working any more, its running down my face where your fingers used to trace’. We see Charlottes softer vocal range which enhances the diversity of her capabilities.

The start of the song before Charlotte sings, is calm and warm start with an acoustic guitar a steel slide considering the nature of the song. Going into the second chorus, there is a slow drum beat that kicks in to see you through to the end of the song keeping the same tempo and matches the emotive power of Charlottes lyrics.

Blown away

In a faster tempo to half a bottle, Blown away starts with the beautiful mixture of piano, drum beat and a slick guitar solo that really gets you ready for the wonderful vocals of Charlotte Young.

The song itself is surprisingly upbeat considering the topic of the song. Talking of a man that constantly ‘Blows her away’ she knows that it isn’t good for her but she keeps going back. For some unbeknownst reason, the whole song works and compliments its each other. Typically, this ‘type of song’ would be performed at a slower tempo/beat but the way Charlotte has gone has added that extra element that I never knew I actually wanted! I love it! It gives the sense of the woman screaming at herself for what she is letting herself do. Bravo Charlotte, Bravo!

Passenger Side

In a complete contrast to Blown Away and Half a Bottle, Passenger Side explains the love one person has as she kisses her partner from the passenger side. With more of the lovely Electric guitar riffs throughout and a melodic rhythm guitar with a beat that gets you smiling from the get-go. As with all the songs on the EP Blown Away, Charlotte demonstrates the strength in her vocals going from the soft notes, to controlled highs to the louder ranges.


As Whiplash was already released as a single, you can check my review on it by clicking this link -


Throughout ‘Blown Away’, Charlotte demonstrates her diversity in all aspects of singing and song writing, and can definitely be seen as a connoisseur. Rightfully, she has been described as the female UK version of Luke Combs! Expressing feelings that opens up the souls of everybody and the raw emotions we all go through during certain aspects of relationships. It goes without saying I love this EP and I cant wait to see how well this does in the charts. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do!


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