Review: Break Your Heart - Nikita Skogen


Break Your Heart

Living in Norway, Nikita Skogen first entered the music scene by starting her own group called ‘The Wood Music’ where she helps artists from around the world reach a wider reach and now she has released her own single as an independent artist in which she has done everything herself with help from the supremely talented Davis Branch.

Break Your Heart tells the story of a woman who has found the love of her life and in her mind she is planning the life together that she has always dreamed of. With two kids already she is dreaming of a perfect wedding but at the same time she is worried about being hurt by the one she loves, so she is pleading with him not to Break Her Heart.

With wonderfully musicianship brought together by the talented Davis Branch, the track is filled with lovely drum beats and a variety of electric guitar riffs with so many different tones, this song makes you think about your future with loved ones and dreaming oif that perfect relationship!

Break Your Heart is available on all platforms, get it in your playlists and be sure to follow Nikita on all of her social media platforms!

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