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Can I Have This Dance

Joey has blown us away with this enchanting song, dedicated to her Dad.

Starting with a variety of melodic acoustic guitar licks, a mystifying pedal steel and a waltzy drumbeat, Joey shows us her true emotional side and the adoration she has for her father.

So many of us will relate to this song, with lyrics describing a young daughter standing on her father’s feet to dance to words of encouragement (when my hands were small, yours taught mine to reach for the stars). She even goes to talk about the bad habits that are passed on, such as biting her nails and flipping off cars.

The majority of this song remains at a slow romantic pace until the instruments drop out for dramatic effect. The pace however increases slightly after the instrument drop which gives it that much more emphasis, without putting too much into the song, which would of over filled it.

I can definitely see this song being played at a lot of father daughter dances at weddings around the world as there is so much that we can all associate with.

Can I Have this Dance is such a lovely song that really needs to be on everybody’s playlists!


Can I Have This Dance is available to buy, stream and download now!

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