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Come on over

One of the rising stars coming from Nashville (technically Murfreesboro but it is the neighbouring town) Kyle Elliott is gracing us with more brilliant music which is really exciting to see. Following on from his last hit single Love Hangover, Kyle follows up with his track Come On Over.

On my podcast, I got to chat with Kyle about his new single which is set to be released on the 7th August and is available to pre-order on iTunes and pre save on Spotify on the 24th July. Be sure to listen to my chat with Kyle on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from.

Come On Over starts with a wonderfully vibrant electric guitar riff and an eclectic drumbeat to sets a joyfully and happy feel to the whole song. Mixed with the wonderfully balanced lyrics, electric guitar solos and quirky little riffs Kyle soothes us with his deep husky American voice that sets out to woo a woman who he wants to ‘come on over’ to spend the night with a bottle of wine and to spend the night by candle light but no avail he spends the night by himself with an empty bottle of wine and burnt out candles. For how loving and enamoured Kyle sounds, Kyle guides us through his new track making us want him to have at least one more night with a special woman. Could his next song have the answers to how she feels, who knows, we can only wait with bated breath and see!


You can experience the feels I have on the 7th of August when Come On Over is released to all major platforms but in the meantime be sure to pre save on Spotify and pre-order it on iTunes now!

Also be sure to follow Kyle on his socials for future updates and releases!


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