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Emily first released her debut EP back in 2018 with ‘Here I Am’ and Emily truly has been paving her own path in the UK Country Scene.

She comes back tomorrow (Friday 29th May) with her newest single ‘Fearless’. She has been trying to discover herself with the new music she has been releasing and wow, Emily really has found that emotional draw that all Country Artists crave.

Fearless was co-written by Emily and Sue McMillan who also produced the track aswell.

The song starts quite eerily with dark undertones of the keyboard/synths and the wonderful whine of the steel slide creates such a atmosphere that gave me butterflies the first time I heard Fearless.

With wonderful vocal ranges in the softer lower nights to the higher pitches, her voice remains powerful and controlled. Accompanied with wonderful backing vocals, lyrically this song is amazing. Emily talks about about her desires to be perfect and she goes through the process of accepting herself with her flaws. A lot of people will be able to relate to this song, I know I am one for certain!

Fearless is an amazing song and is strong enough to compare with the ballads of the main Nashville singers and songwriters!


You will be able to stream Fearless on the 29th May, just click on this link -

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