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Firecracker EP

As a northerner, having been brought up in Leeds and now living in York, I love it when I learn of artists that are from this great county of Yorkshire and when I discovered Emilia Quinn, I was blown away! She now brings out her new EP titled ‘Firecracker’ which has been used to describe her personality and judging by how this new EP sounds, she is paving her own path to stardom!

She describes herself as an Alt. Country/Americana artist which you can see in Firecracker, but she also brings an almost bluesy, classic country vibe as well, especially with her track Outlaw with its slightly distorted vocals which brings the image of a wild west era to it.

Throughout the whole EP, the layering of instruments is remarkable. Starting very minimalistic which creates a haunting melody to then introducing percussions and then pedal steel and various guitars, she really shows us her character which makes us want more and more and more!

The amount of imagery created by her music is just beyond phenomenal. As mentioned before Outlaw gives you that wild west feel to it where as Ready Right Now gives me that vibe of a scene in a movie where the main character is about to undertake an arduous journey or embrace a fight to the death scene. Nothing to Lose to me is almost an amalgamation of Outlaw and Ready Right Now with the really catchy snare rolls and bassy riffs. Drunk starts slightly different by introducing electric riffs, pedal steel and percussions from the get-go and is my personal favourite, in particular when all the instruments fade out leaving Emilia to show off her voice!

Vocally Emilia is just stunning. With the low sultry starts through to the high-powered sustained vocals. Emilia really does showcase it all!

Firecracker is a stunning EP and I am sure many fans in the country scene will agree!


Be sure to buy or stream Firecracker on all major platforms from the 24th July!

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