Review: Forever Dreamin' - Wallace Mair

Forever Dreamin'

If I said the name to you Wallace Mair, you would probably think 'who is Dom talking about?' Well that’s why I’m here. Wallace is a singer songwriter living in a small town called Tarbert, West of Glasgow, Scotland and has his album out called ‘What’s in a Name’. Today I’m reviewing one of the songs in that album called Forever Dreamin’ and I highly recommend you check him out! Links to apple Music and Spotify are at the bottom of his page and let me know what you think?

Forever Dreamin’ has already reached no. 5 in the UK Country Chart and no. 15 in Europe and isn’t your ‘traditional’ Country Music. Starting with a steady drum beat with a slap on the snare on every off beat, wonderful acoustic rhythms and electric riffs throughout, instrumentally its great but what really took me by surprise is Wallace’s vocals.

Vocally, Forever Dreamin has an almost Indie vibe to it, reminding me of an indie artist called Danny Mahon from Salford Manchester. I’ve had this similar experience with bands like Boxes, based out of Manchester, who are amazing Country Music artists, whose music could easily fit between Country Hits and Radio X. That is what makes this genre great is there is so many variations of country there is, from classic, pop, rock, blues and indie.

I cant wait to see what else Wallace has in store for us! Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are by messaging me on Twitter @country_chat, Facebook & Instagram @countrychatwithdom.


You can find Wallace on his Facebook page

You can also check out the rest of his music on:

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