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Twinnie-Lee Moore has been a staple part of the UK country scene now with regular spins over our airwaves, in particular with Country Hits Radio. Her first handful of singles, Type of Girl, Better When I’m Drunk, Social Babies and Lie to Me (performed Live in London) have proven very popular amongst us in the UK.

Now Twinnie has combined these songs and indulged our appetites with more wonderful music to create a superb 12 track album.

Throughout the album, you can hear Twinnie’s notable Country Pop sound which we all know and love but she also appeases those who only know of the ‘American Sounds’ that come from Nashville with the track ‘Daddy Issues’ which is more of the 'classic' style of country.

Throughout the Hollywood Gypsy, Twinnie showcases the full range she has from the lows in Superhero to the highs in Social Babies. Along with the wonderful production, musicianship and lyricism, Twinnie can do it all! As the cliché saying goes, All killer, no filler!

Below I take a slightly deeper look into the tracks.

Daddy Issues

Looking further into ‘Daddy Issues’, there is a shift in the instruments used. From a melodic clap to the slide steel to a nice upbeat drum beat. Setting the pace of the song, the guitar creates almost a galloping feel or a train chugging speedily down the line. This gets the heart racing which adds to the heart-breaking power of the lyrics to this song. Describing what you would do with things that just don’t work adds to the analogies to describe bad relationships. Definitely one of my favourites out of an already awesome album

I love you now change

Twinnie has taken girl power to the next level with I Love You Now Change. With a lovely bass line taking you through the bridge and first half of the chorus into the heavy hitting second half the chorus. Twinnie describes a controlling partner dictating her life yet still sugar-coating it by saying ‘I love you’. She, rightly, retaliates by repeating ‘You ain’t going to change me, which is shown especially in the last chorus.

"I love you, my babe Now do it my way" You can try with your games But you can't make me play 'Cause you ain't gonna change me
You can try but you ain't gonna change me You can try but you ain't gonna change me You can try but you ain't gonna change me You can try but you ain't gonna change me


Starting with a mixture of enhanced ‘Oh’s’ a slide of the bass and a grand piano melody, Superhero is a lot darker lyrically and musically than the other songs on the album. I can picture this being midway through a ‘comic book film’ such as those by Marvel or DC as the hero is coming to terms with the risks of having a relationship whilst protecting the planet full of evil. Such a brilliant song that gets my head bopping, especially when the bridge hits before the last chorus!

Hollywood Gypsy

At track 5, Twinnie has her title track ‘Hollywood Gypsy’. The song starts very mellow and slowly builds up throughout the song with synthesisers and catchy drum beats. Talking of catchy beats, the melody itself is so catchy and will get everybody singing. The song mentions her aunt Jane (where Twinnie-Lee comes from) and being brought up living in two different cultures, her father being a gypsy (traveller) and her mother being a gorger (non-gypsy).


Out of all the songs within the album, this is the underrated track in my opinion. The beats, melodies and lyrics are so enticing, I can picture thousands of fans singing the back up vocals with Twinnie at the front leading left side/right side singing battles in the audience!

This is very much a feel good song that can get anybody smiling behind the wheel driving along with the windows down.


This song again brings to the foreground the luxurious bass line, claps and drum beats. The lyrics are a bit blue to play without a radio edit, ‘Cause red lips don’t give a shit’. I love it. Truly showing her Yorkshire roots she is showing her stubborn and dominant side in this song, similar to I love you now change’, she is proving that she isn’t a woman to be messed with and too right!

Feeling of Falling

Starting this song is a simple drum beat, then going into a vocal, its nice and steady until BAM! The chorus hits with a wonderful heavy force, giving that feeling of falling, showing that the timing of instruments, tempo beats can truly enhance the feel of the song. A wonderful job done by the production team and another set of great lyrics. Describing a typical love scenario and the feeling of falling during a relationship is very prominent from her penmanship.


Whiplash is a great way to define the feelings felt during a rocky relationship.

But boy you're the poison That I wanna take” Don't care if it kills me 'Cause I need a taste

Twinnie adds her own style into this song with melodic oohs throughout the song, variation in range throughout the song and the use of a heavy drum, it gets your heart beating to the same rhythm.

Type of Girl

Type of girl is an upbeat classic Twinnie song where she demonstrates her ability to hit those really high notes. The lyrics are catchy and very relatable, very much like ‘Beautiful Crazy’ by Luke Combs, Twinnie describes herself as a crazy girl but in that loveable fun way that every girl (or guy) can link themselves to.

Yeah, I'm crazy And I know that you kinda like it Listen baby If you come into my world There'll be magic Mixed with a little madness I'm dramatic

There is still that bit of strong independent woman vibe to the song, similar to Brandy Clarks ‘Girl Next Door’,

If you're the guy Who's looking for a good wife Don't look at me To fit that '50s-stereotype I cook, sometimes clean Gotta pull your weight If you sleep with me

An all round, feel good song that is already well loved.

Better when im drunk

This is another song that is a great song to sing along to where you can picture crowds at arenas such as the c2c festival all singing along to. In particular you can envisage being at the front of the crowd, with the drum beat slowly thudding and screaming out the pre-chorus. The song itself basically is a song about beer goggles which im sure the majority of adults have experienced when out in the town. But instead of meeting a random guy, it’s the experience of calling the ex which is never works out well, particularly the next morning.

Head hurts, feel rough Last night had a little too much I think I called you Said too much I can’t take back Never again, I don’t wanna be your friend

Social Babies

Social Babies is a great way to talk about and raise awareness of how involved with technology we all get. Always looking for that perfect filter on Instagram or Snapchat and spending too much time with our heads looking down staring at our phones. I love the term ‘Life of Riley’. Basically talking about living with a carefree attitude, like people driving around with big expensive cars and having all the tech. We all talk about life back in the 90’s when we didn’t have all these gadgets and gizmos.

Lie to me

I first heard the Live in London recording of Lie to me which got me hooked to this song and to Twinnie to begin with. The song is such a deep and emotional song and contains my favourite lyric I’ve possibly ever heard.

‘Stare at the stars Up on the roof While we dance 'Round the truth’

I love how Twinnie hasn’t gone too far away from the live version and this is still an almost stripped down song. This adds so much more emotion than having it over produced. Whenever I listen to this song, it always stops me in my tracks and I have to take in the small sounds in the background, like the lap steel that will always make my hairs stand up.

All in all, this is an amazing feel good album that has a rollercoaster of emotions throughout it.

Definitely worth buying!


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