Review: How Good You Are - Reya Jayne


How Good You Are

Coming back into the Country Music scene with her second single ‘How Good You Are’, Reya opens up her creative and imaginative heart in this wonderful mid-tempo track.

Starting with an ensemble of acoustic guitars, banjos, drums, bass and a steel, Reya then cuts straight down to just an acoustic guitar, a sultry bass line and a smooth drum beat going into the first verse. Throughout the song, the instruments seem to layer up and down smoothly with a lovely electric guitar riff mid way through. Instrumentally, How Good You are will be awesome to listen to on the summer afternoons or at a late night gig!

Rolling into the first verse, Reya explains how she meets that wonderful person and then throughout the song she describes her growing feelings towards this one person, eventually bringing the whole family into the mix. Lyrically I love how this song makes me grin from ear to ear and think about that perfect relationship and having an approving family, even though it has been described as a fairy-tale romance!

Sonically, Reya has a smooth and delightful range in her vocals that are just completely and utterly wonderful. You can see why she has been described as an ‘English Rose with a Nashville Sound’. A true delight to listen to this song and I look forward to having Reya on the podcast (which will be available to listen on Saturday 30th May).


You can stream or buy ‘How Good You Are’ from all major platforms as of today!

Also follow Reya Jayne on Twitter! - @reyajaynemusic



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