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I Want You

The Rising are bringing us brand new music every month and this month has been no exception! Following on from last month’s deep and emotional track ‘Shadows on the wall’, we are brought into the sunshine and daisies side of life and love with their new track ‘I Want You’.

This song really has taking a full u-turn from their last track with its talk of the end of a relationship and now going to finding someone they want to desperately be with. I want you is a love song through and through. Talking us through the feeling before a relationship actually starts, the emotions and butterflies we have when we become infatuated with a person and hoping that they reciprocate the same feelings.

Another thing I absolutely adore about 'I Want You' is the use of trumpets and horns, especially at the start! I find there just isn’t enough use of the brass instrument in Country Music as it adds such a new sound to it. Think back to when Lady A included horns to their single You Look Good. It adds that flair that just really enhances the music and Chantelle and Chris have really capitalised this to bring a special something to their already amazing music.

Mixed with brilliant acoustic and electric guitar riffs they also encompass a unique style of using the banjo!

Lyrically and vocally, Chantelle brings such a summery and warm sound to these vocals but when you really listen to the lyrics it’s a little bit scary. The song in its basic sense, is about a girl who falls in love with a boy. Got it? Good. When you reach the chorus, however, you find out that he is already taken, and it now has the sense of a clearly psychotic woman. This is done so subtly you don’t even release what’s going on until it’s too late, all the while maintaining that summery vibe!

As a final summary - You won't be disappointed with any of the music created by Chris and Chantelle! Each song they produce have different twists and turns and so masterfully done!


Be sure to check out our conversation on the podcast - Episode 42 on all podcast platforms!


I Want You, was released on the 10th of July on all streaming sites, but why not head over to their website on click on the store tab and check out the artwork as well as a physical copy!

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