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If You Want Me To

Since mid-March, lockdown has been difficult for everybody in the world. That being said, some awesome things have come out of the lockdown, the number of livestreams we see from artists, the interaction between artists and their fans and there has been some awesome music that has been discovered whilst we are in the safety of our homes.

Joey Clarkson and Louise Parker have definitely snuggled themselves into that last category with this collaboration. This partnership between the Canadian and British pair is something we didn’t realise we needed until now and by gosh I am so glad they have paired up!

Tomorrow (Friday 29th May 2020), they release their wonderful piece of magic into the world titled If You Want Me To and it makes me want to play it on repeat till the sun goes down! The song is full of happy vibes that would get somebody into the summery mood full of sunshine and daisies!

The start of the song begins with an almost old radio/distorted sound of a guitar which then switches wonderfully into the melody of the song filled with tinkles of a piano, acoustic guitar rhythm and a steady drumbeat followed by two rounds of a fragment of the chorus.

The song then stops and the verse begins with mixed parts taken by Louise and Joey which showcases their wonderful ability to partner on a song, even though they are separated!

When the chorus drops, you certainly know it, with joyful and toying charms between them both shows great craftsmanship!

The whole song gives you that wonderful summery vibe and I am even more blessed that I am sat outside in this glorious sunshine soaking it all in!

Wonderful collab ladies! I hope there will be more in the future. My fingers are crossed :)


If You Want Me To will be available to buy on all major music sites as of the 29th of May 2020

You can follow Joey and Louise on twitter by searching @JoeyClarkson & @LouisePMusic



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