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Keep On Keeping On

Originating from Charlotte, North Carolina, Diamonds and Whiskey have had a lot of wonderful reviews and their previous album, Heartbreak Queen has been a hit success throughout America, Europe and New Zealand. In particular their track ‘Muddy Water’ which has been requested over 37000 times on Galaxy 107FM, New Zealand’s largest country radio station! So, it would be no surprise that their newest single, ‘Keep On Keeping On’ will be as equally as good. Well I’ll let you into a little secret, it is brilliant!

Starting very hauntingly with a low drumbeat, electric guitar riff and a shaker that resembles the shaking tail of a rattle snake. Mixed with a devilishly sounding ‘HaHa’s’ Jennifer Lauren really brings the Rock to Country Rock. Throughout the track, there is a wonderful mix of drum solos, guitar solos and moments of quiet where it is the steady beat of the drums with Jennifer’s vocals. The layering of instruments and vocals in Keep On Keepin On is just perfect, it just carries you throughout the song which you just don’t want to end, even resorting to press that wonderful replay button!

Lyrically, Jennifer talks about an encounter with the devil as instead of reaching heaven, she is taken to the gates of the Hell. In the next verse she talks about escaping hell and fleeing to Oklahoma and Mississippi and meeting the love of her life and trying to live her life through a golden rule that no matter how long and hard the road gets, you just ‘Keep On Keepin On’. The lyrics were penned by the wonderful Geir Miranda, from the band ‘Viking Queen’ in Norway.

To sum up, Diamonds and Whiskeys new track ‘Keep On Keepin On’ is wonderfully written, musical perfection and wonderfully mixed and mastered! Definitely one that will reach sublime heights!


Keep On Keepin On will be available on all streaming sites and hitting the radio on August 7th so make sure you keep an eye out!

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