Review: Lie To Me - Louise Parker

Lie To Me

Starting with a stripped back vocal with her main chorus line, and then repeating with a piano and guitar, Louise shows us her maturity in the raw emotion. Midway through the first verse the full band consisting of guitars (bass and acoustic and electric), drums, piano and violin, yes you read that, violin. The whole feel to the band is that of a full-size production. There is a slight contrast in the lyrics of Lie to me and the music behind it, but it fits so well.

The lyrics to Lie to Me is basically Louise asking to be told that everything is going to be ok. ‘Lie to me, Lie to me, tell me I’m beautiful, say you will never leave me’ is Louise pleading to her other half. Later on she describes that she will leave his side of the bed made in case you come back one day, after telling him to just go if that is what he wants to do. This all sounds to me like its going to be quite a sad song but when you add the full band, it actually gives it that happy vibe to it which is great because it creates that image of indecisiveness and confusion as to what she actually wants. The song ends with a various number of instruments giving a glissando effect (instead of sliding between two notes, its changing the number of instruments) which gives it that almost slowing down gradually to the sadder decision that its time to let go. Her vulnerability and pain is showcased fantastically throughout the whole song and is utterly breath-taking!

To accompany the mature sound of Louise’s new song Lie to Me, her cover art for this is something of beauty. A black and white picture of Louise holding herself really gives that true feel as to what this song is going to be about and shows how far Louise has come in growing as an artist.


Lie to Me is available to pre-save now and will be released on the 26th June

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