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When I first heard Magnetic on Kelsey’s live streams, I loved it from the beginning and now that I’ve listened to the produced version, it’s even better than what I thought it could have been!

In previous songs, Kelsey explains the pressures of bullying and peer pressure in 'Define Me' and the heartbreak in relationships like in 'Lady in Red'. This time, Kelsey takes us through the process of finding that special someone in her latest single 'Magnetic', but she enters the relationship with caution as she has been hurt before. She explains important topics, particularly the emotions of younger people, with such ease and detail that anybody of any age can easily relate to.

Musically, this song is wonderfully upbeat and with quite a fast tempo, which to me, relates to same feelings of falling in love with somebody which can seem quite fast. With subtle hints of the steel pedal throughout and a super snazzy drumbeat and guitar riffs layered through the song, Danny and Andrea at Puzzle Maker have once again pulled it out the bag with Kelsey and have made a masterpiece.

Lyrically, the song is beautiful. As mentioned above, Kelsey talks about falling in love but with a hint of uncertainty which is found in the very first verse. ‘Every time I think of you with those deep blue eyes…I lose sight of my centre’. ‘I try to ask for directions, but I never get clear instructions’. This is a great way of showing what may go through people’s heads when trying to battle their own thoughts, particularly when you know you have found that one special person and allowing yourself to love them.

As Kelsey releases each new song, you can hear her confidence and talent shining through, more and more each time. Not surprisingly has awarded her British Country Airplays Artiste of the week, one of Duggystone Radios Emerging Artist to Watch and has been nominated for Fair Play Modern Country Female Vocalist & Songwriter of the Year in which the awards of take place on 7th November in The Netherlands.

Magnetic truly is a beautiful song that showcases Kelsey's ever growing talents.

The images in my own mind I have when listening to Magnetic, is of one person battling out in a game of tug of war. One side being the person that wants to fall deeply in love and the other side being the side of doubt.



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