Review: My Kinda City - Danny McMahon

Co Written with Tyler Bank


My Kinda City

My Kinda City, cowritten by Danny McMahon from the UK and Tyler bank from Nashville, describes somebody who loves travelling to new and wonderful places but there is always somebody/or somewhere special to come home to. Danny and Tyler describe that special person using all the best parts of all the places he has visited.

Danny’s wonderful flare of Country Pop is demonstrated once again in this single and we can expect great things from My Kinda City. Recorded and produced at Puzzle Maker Studios, Danny shows off again his many talents in writing and producing his music!

Musically, the breakdown of the instruments is superb, with variety of guitar licks, upbeat drum patterns and the lovely whine of the steel this is a wonderfully layered song. If that wasn’t enough, there is a wonderful solo on the electric guitar which will get any gig-goer jumping on their feet

I love how the song is upbeat until the last chorus with the pace slowly increasing up through the pre-chorus and then the start of the chorus hits with the flare of the instruments but then dials it straight back down towards the end of the chorus which adds so much more emphasis to the meaning behind the lyrics.

My Kinda City is the type of song that fits well in everyone’s summer playlists and will no doubt get everybody singing along.

I can’t help but to tap my feet and bop my head to the melody of My Kinda City. It is such a feel-good song which will get all the couples out there looking lovingly at their partners.

I picture myself driving to the coast on a sunny day just enjoying life, singing as loud as I can to this song!


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