Review: Name Came Up - Daniel Borge

Name Came Up

Norwegian Country Singer Daniel Borge has serenaded us again with his throaty vocals in his new single Name Came Up.

Hailing from a country where country music is slowly gaining popularity, Daniel is always welcome here in the UK, especially when he provides such a strong sound.

You can tell he has experienced the Nashville life after vising there a year ago, Name Came Up is heavily influenced by guitars and the hypnotic crash of the drum kit.

I cannot wait until this lockdown period is over and gigging can recommence, so I get to witness Daniel belting this as the top of his lungs, hopefully sooner rather than later! There is certainly enough oomph in this song to get any concert jumping!

As mentioned at the start, Daniel’s throaty low vocals takes us through a rollercoaster of levels from start to finish. The transitions between verse and chorus are clearly defined and gives that crescendo many great songs harness their power from.

Name Came Up will be available as of tomorrow (Friday 12th June) and I hope that you all enjoy this song as much as I do!


Daniel Borge can be found on Twitter & Facebook (@DavielMusic) and Instagram (@Danielborgemusic)

You should also check out Scream (Cry for Me) by Daniel and his band Borderville feat Kinsey Rose!



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