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I realise I may be massively late to the game to Nashville by Zoee, but WOW! it is such a phenomenal record and it gets me excited for what else she has in store for the future!!

I love The start to Nashville by Zoee. You can hear the Australian roots with the Overtone Throat notes which hads such a lovely bass tone to the song! With a strong, domineeringly powerful vocal, Zoee is going to be up there with great artists such as Carrie Underwood!

‘I guess im going home to Nashville, Tennessee, where the music sounds like home to me’ is such a catchy line that wont leave your mind, a true ear worm! I also love the power in her voice when roaring the word Tennessee. Throughout the song she is able to demonstrate a variety of tones, pitches and levels that sounds so enchanting you just have to play Nashville over and over again!

With catchy guitar riffs and a deep thud of the kick drum leading you through the start of the song, Zoee describes the love for the Country Music capital city ‘Nashville’. I also love how Zoee incorporates the line ‘I can feel the drum dancing on the river’ to when the kick drum actually starts beating which adds so much more emphasis to the beat of the song. Further through the song as she enters the chorus, the drums truly kick in which showcases the wonderful layering and fantastic production work!

You can definitely see this song being played on big festival stages around the world with its powerful lyrics, amazing musicianship and brilliant vocals!


Nashville is available to buy and stream on all platforms!

You can also find Zoee on all of her socials:


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