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Niagara Falling

Following from Northern Souvenirs hypnotic debut single ‘My Page’ which is predominantly acoustic based, they bring their second single 'Niagara Falling' into the mix which is equally beautiful.

Mixed with a smooth electric guitar melody, Alex serenades us with his deep husky vocals followed with the higher, pitch perfect notes of Lisa. The difference in vocals (low and high) shouldn’t mix but as the old adage goes, opposites do attract and it fits so well!

With the track being filled with summery undertones and a repeated message of ‘Falling for you’, this song will certainly make you look to your other half in admiration and with a lovingly gaze. I do love how they use the metaphor of Niagara falls in terms of falling in love with somebody. Given the huge scale of the iconic waterfall it really warms the cockles of your heart!

If the rest of their debut EP is going to be anywhere near what My Page and Niagara Falling is like, then we will all be in for a treat!

I will also be chatting to Alex and Lisa on Sunday 19th July so keep an eye out on my socials for when that chat is live!

Niagara Falling will be released tomorrow (17th July 2020) on all major platforms so make sure you buy, stream and download their second single and add it to your playlists!


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