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Not Scared Anymore – EP


Kelsey was one of my first interviewees on my podcast and there was something a little bit shy in the way that she spoke (although I think she had a cold at the time (bless her)). The one thing that stood out in her first releases was the depth of the lyrics talking about tough topics of bullying and peer pressure. It is amazing to see that Kelsey’s song writing abilities and her confidence has skyrocketed in such a short amount of time! The key piece of evidence of the ever increasing popularity of Kelsey is the fact that she has now been played numerous times on many platforms, including national radio stations, Country Hits UK and Chris Country! To give you an insight in my opinion on Kelsey’s new EP ‘Not Scared Anymore', I absolutely love it and I cannot wait till the rest of the world gets to experience this!!

Track 1) Out of Our Minds

Starting with a delectable poppy vibe, Kelsey shows us her fun and energetic side with Out Of Our Minds.

Moving completely away from the serious side of her first tracks, Kelsey describes the almost perfect relationship between a young couple and everything about this song screams happy vibes.

As always, Kelsey demonstrates her ability to sing through different ranges and at different levels throughout this song! I can’t help but smile and sway along to the loving lyrics sang by Kelsey!

Musically and instrumentally, there isn’t anything to complain about! Puzzle Maker studios, once again, have swung at the ball and struck a home run! The layers built throughout this song takes you through a journey of love, curiosity and joy!

Track 2) Magnetic

Magnetic is the second track on this EP and you can read my thoughts by clicking this link –

Track 3) Not Scared Anymore

Taking us back to the real raw emotion of being heart broken and twisting it around to picking yourself up off that bedroom floor, even though this is a ‘sad’ song, it is full of self-empowerment and still has you smiling from start to finish.

With more delicious pedal steel licks and slides and transitions between verse, pre chorus and chorus, the whole song just carries you forward in a girls bedroom when her school crush has broken her heart, but there is also really striking mentions of the issues women face with body shaming and comparisons to unrealistic magazine covers. Wonderful penmanship! Bravo!

Track 4) Hold Tight Sit Still

The final track on Kelsey’s new EP Not Scared Anymore is Hold Tight Sit Still.

For such a young age, Kelsey helps educate us through her song writing and storytelling skills.

Hold Tight Sit Still musically is upbeat and catchy but the message behind the song is something many fans will relate to. She basically is describing the conversation she would have with an ex who has treated her wrong and telling him what he is missing out on. The key thing is to make that persona aware of this and that he doesn’t do this in future relationships.

As demonstrated in her previous tracks, Kelsey demonstrates her wonderful capabilities in taking the listener through the journey from start to finish and Hold Tight Sit Still certainly demonstrates this! Love It!


Pre-order on iTunes from Friday 12th June and pre-save on Spotify. Follow Kelsey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.


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