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Pick me up

Normally when I review music, it is usually sent via an artist’s management team, PR team or the artists themselves. I had a wonderful message last night asking me to check out a new upcoming artist who is about to drop her debut single ‘Pick Me Up’ . This artist is Halle Kearns.

Hailing from Columbia, Missouri, she moved to Kansas City to enhance her music career and now she has been to Nashville Tennessee to track her first single. Halle is definitely one artist to keep a close eye on.

This next part may seem boring to some but it is an integral part of artist management. When an artist writes music and pens down a song, they have a choice whether to release the music as a single, EP (Extended Play) or an album (an album normally has to be over 30 minutes in length and have 8 or more tracks). Before an artist releases an EP or album, the best way to engage how fans react to what you produce is to release singles first and this is what Halle has planned to do. This shows to me that she is very switched on and demonstrates that she wants to be here for the long haul!

Back to the music!

Pick Me Up is filled with summery vibes starting with a half palmed acoustic melody which takes you to the chorus, mixed with a hint of a clapping sound from some percussion on every other beat which adds a lovely rhythm to the track. When she enters the chorus, the bulk of the instruments, ranging from electric guitars and drums, join in creating a wonderful layer between verse and chorus. Going into the second verse, the whine of the electric guitars glorious whine continues throughout.

Lyrically and vocally, Halle has done an amazing job in maintaining that feel good summery vibe throughout the length of the song, which in turn, describes a woman working throughout the week who yearns for the weekend to come for a little ‘Pick Me Up’. I love how she reuses the phrase in various different meanings describing her need for a little pick me up (a drink) and asking for that person in her life to either literally and physically pick her up (sweep her off her feet) or to swing by in his car/truck and pick her up so they can go out!.

A truly feel good song that we all need to hear, especially after being locked in doors for so long!

I cannot wait to see what else Halle has in store for us in the weeks/months to come!


Pick Me Up is available to pre-save/pre-buy now via the link and will be released at the end of the month (31/07/2020) -


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