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Praying For Rain

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a review, since hosting Country Chat with Dom on, life has been pretty busy. I wanted to come back with a bang and starting with Charlotte Youngs new single ‘Praying for Rain’ really fits.

Previously Charlotte has graced us with not only a number 1 debut single, ‘ Whiplash’, but also a number 1 debut EP, ‘Blown Away’ on the iTunes UK Country Charts as well as recording a duet single with Bob Fitzgerald she will now be releasing her next single ‘Praying for Rain’.

Further utilising the sheer power of her voice, Charlotte once again blows us away with the sheer brilliance of her voice, emphasising the pain in her lyrics. Starting with the faint trickle of rain, charlotte starts the track describing the pain of losing someone she loves:

“Sunshine in your kiss won’t make me feel right.”

Through the first verse she keeps quite calm and soft building to the first half of the chorus where she ramps her vocals up with such elegance and slowly bringing it back down for the next verse. She repeats this style throughout the next verse and chorus and maintains the power throughout the majority of the bridge. The vocals are layered so wonderfully keeping the listener thoroughly engaged and represents the rollercoaster of emotions perfectly!

Instrumentally, Praying for Rain is brilliantly layered with drums kicking in the chorus which adds that extra pinch of emphasis to the emotive values of the track. With a variety of instruments ranging from pianos, acoustic licks and the hypnotic sounds of a pedal steel, everything just blends perfectly!

If this doesn’t reach number 1 I will be gobsmacked as Praying for Rain just highlights the ever increasing talents of Charlotte as a singer and songwriter!


Praying for rain will be available to pre-save/pre-order from 6th November and will be released 20th November on all major platforms!

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