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Hailing from Seattle, Abigail isn’t new to the music scene. Having already written and performed her own songs from the young age of 13 and she had her first EP at the age of 15.

In 2019, she released her single ‘Without You’ and in 2020 on Valentine’s day, she released her single ‘Space’ which both have already surpassed 100,000 streams. Now she has come back with her newest single ‘Ruby’

Ruby is basically and conversation between her and her sister Ruby where Abigail talks about the frustrations of being a teenager. In a world where Ruby may think she has all the answers (as adults we soon realise this isn’t the case) but Abigail reassuringly advises her that no matter what, everything will be ok, even through the heartbreaks of relationships.

Lyrically and sonically, this song is brilliant from the first note to the last. Abigail shows true maturity in her song writing and singing capabilities that compliments her experience as a singer. With mixtures of electric guitars, banjos and acoustic guitars, the whole package of this song is truly amazing and I cannot find a single fault!

Hopefully we will see Abigail here in the UK in the near future to play her extensive collection of songs!

You can find Abigail on Twitter: @abigail_nielson, Facebook: @abigailnielsonmusic and on Instagram: @abigail_nielson.

You can also listen to me and Abigail talk about Ruby on my Podcast (Episode 20), just search Country Chat with Dom in your Podcast app search bar!

Ruby is available to buy and stream on all major platforms!


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