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Same Story 'Bout a Broken Heart

Hailing from Sweden and moving to Los Angeles, Sandra went into the music business, not as an artist but there to help other artists. She eventually worked her way up to becoming who she dreamed of being, an artist herself! With ‘Same Story ‘Bout a Broken Heart’ you can see why she aspired to become an artist as she is absolutely knocking this out of the park!

Heavily ladened with electric guitars and a beautiful banjo lick throughout, there are elements of alternative/rock/country in there which is so catchy and should be a must on everybody’s playlists! Even better still, there is a harp lick every so often throughout the track which adds that extra little bit of blues/americana vibes!

Not wishing to sing about the usual lyrics of either falling in love in a middle of a corn field or being dumped in a dive bar, she goes about the story line in a different angle, approaching the story of a break up in a different twist. She talks about how each break up just seems like a same story (hence the song title), but she still adds that sense of pain through the lyrics ‘ Hits me every time’.

Be sure to check out the video to Same Story ‘Bout a Broken Heart on YouTube by searching Sandra North and be sure to follow Sandra on her social media so you don’t miss out on future releases!

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