Review: Another Highway - Bob Fitzgerald

Another Highway:

Running From the Rain

After speaking with Bob on the podcast, I learn that Running from the rain was actually inspired by Bob out riding on his motorbike and noticing rain in his rear-view mirrors. When I first listened to this song, before knowing this, I pictured myself driving with the exact same kind of image in my rear-view mirror!

The song itself has all of the elements that Country Music provides. The hypnotic rhythm of the guitar, the low thud of the kick drum and the adorable slide of the pedal lap steel guitar. But most importantly the lyricism penned (actually spoke into his iPhone at the time) is pure and melodic.

The song deserves more than reaching number two in the iTunes Country Chart and paves a solid track for the remaining three songs on his EP ‘Another Highway’ – set for release on the 24th April.

One Of These Nights

Throughout this song, there is such a catchy electric guitar riff that adds a lovely all round feel to this song, like a glue that keeps the whole melody in place.

The melody and lyrics are one of those that you can picture Bob playing to a crowd at a festival where everybody can sing back to at the top of their lungs.

The song as a whole is so catchy and will make any country fan sit back and appreciate where Country Music has flowed through the decades.

To round off the sound, as a homage to the smooth electric guitar lick that is played throughout One Of These Nights, there is a short but sweet palette cleansing guitar solo which is the final layer to this wonderful song before the final chorus sees us to the end.

She'll Do

To start this song, he brings an acoustic start that many classic country songs start.

Everything about this song screams your classic country music, from the lyrics proclaiming his love to the lap pedal steel that adds volume to any classic.

The song very much reminds me of a country bar with the circular dance floor and people two stepping in a loving embrace!


Run for me is the best out of the wonderful group of songs tracked on this EP.

As with the other songs, he uses the prominent sound of the lap pedal steel which always adds that American country feel. The song from the start is a fast tempo which gets faster into the chorus. With more fantastic uses of his electric guitars, the slick solo in the middle of the song adds that extra thump this song shows throughout. Bob described the style of Run as something he wishes to pursue for the rest of his song writing career which is very exciting as this song showcases all of his wonderful talents!


To sum up the EP as a whole, I can picture myself driving across the states in glorious sunshine, driving a convertible with this song blaring as loud as the speakers will go! Definitely worth the buy for any country music fan! We will be expecting big things from Bob in the near future and I am most certainly excited about that!

To find Bob Fitzgerald on the socials music streaming, simply search for Bob in the Artists Sites section of the website!

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