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The Song We Sing

Coming after the brilliant track titled Nashville, Zoee brings us yet another fantastic track with real feel good vibes, a truly empowering song called The Song We Sing.

The song starts with a simple drum beat with Zoee’s wonderful vocals. Throughout the track, elements are slowly added to the drums which gets quicker and quicker until you get to the second pre-chorus where it drops back to the slower single drum beat but with a highly distorted guitar and vocal and then bam! The chorus hits and speeds right back up until you get to start of the last refrain where it is the choir-esque ‘woahs’ where it drops again and builds back up with the addition of a wonderful guitar solo, until Zoee harmonises with the backing vocals. It really is a rollercoaster of beats and rhythms and tempos that you find yourself replicating. As I am typing this, I keep finding myself typing to the rhythm of the beat which is so infatuating.

Lyrically and vocally, you can clearly picture Zoee stood on a grand stage, whether it be the Nissan Stadium or Glastonbury enticing the crowd to sing back with her. It is just truly brilliant. Zoee talks about all the trials and tribulations in life mixed with all the good in the world and how it is the life that everybody lives. Zoee’s voice is as impeccable as ever with her wonderful range and even towards the end when the emotions peak, she remains in control and shows us her firey side.


The Song We Sing is out to buy or stream now on all major platforms.

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