Review: There I Was - Daniel Borge


There I Was

Starting with a catchy electric guitar melody, Daniel Borge introduces another brilliant song to his already amazing collection of songs. It is no secret that we are big fans of the Norwegian country singer here at Country Chat and Daniel keeps bringing the goods, banger after banger.

As mentioned at the start, ‘There I Was’ is introduced with the catchy sounds of an electric guitar and percussions with a little sprinkle of pedal steel. When the vocals begin, the guitars die down leaving the sound of a steady ‘clap’ which keeps the rhythm and as the chorus begins the instruments begin to re-layer which blends so smooth. This is later repeated when Daniel adds a smooth bit of distortion to his voice which really is emphasised when the bulk of the instruments fade to allow that ‘drop’ which would fit so well in any Country Music dance hall.

Vocally, Daniel shows off his skills of his various tones, pitches and volumes which adds that whole feel to the song which is just so sublime. Talking about seeing someone so amazing that, there he was, standing in a middle of a room, falling in love. The lyrics just gives you butterflies, once again, painting that beautiful image of two people falling madly in love with each other! Just so romantic!


There I was is now available through all streaming and purchasing sites and you can follow Daniel on his social media:

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