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Normally when I review an album, I separate each track bit by bit and go into depth but this time, I don’t need to do this!

Each track has its wonderful elements that I will describe, but the entirety of this album is beyond superb and shows varying degrees of pure emotion! From love and loving to pure pain, heartache and takes you gently through the rollercoaster of life within 11 brilliant tracks. Amongst these tracks, there are four songs that have been in the top 10 of the iTunes UK charts, of which one of them reached no 3! We are also gifted with the live version of As the Sun Sets and the Piano version of the title track ‘Unbroken’ as well as the produced version!

With steady melodies strummed with the acoustic guitar in As the Sun Sets to the muffled kickdrum keeping the beat in Hometown, Helena and the teams at Nine Yards Music and Hangover Hill Recording Studios in Dorset have truly created a masterpiece with its raw emotive lyrics, to the masterful layering of instruments. You can easily play this in your car and an hour-long journey can seem like it’s only been 5 minutes, just pay attention to the road! With a voice that resembles Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac, Helena really knows how to work all the levels of her voice to the best advantage!

Coming from her own experiences in life mixed with the battle she faced with a brain tumour, Helena really knows how to engage the listener and to emit this feeling of relatability. Helena really has done an amazing job and truly deserves all the successes this album will bring!

Hopefully I will be able to have Helena guest on the podcast soon where we can talk more in depth about the Album and individual tracks! In the meantime, I urge you to, if you haven’t already, buy stream and save Unbroken and sit back, close your eyes, and be transported to another world!


Unbroken is available now on all platforms and you can follow Helena Mace on her socials:

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