Review: Waiting For You (Live) - Emma Moore


Waiting For You (Live)

In short - this live recording of Waiting For You by Emma Moore is brilliant.

The absence of all instruments with the exception of an acoustic guitar, Emma’s variety of vocal range and the male harmonies, provided by Emma’s guitar player Tom Martin, adds to the amount of pain expressed by Emma in her lyrics.

Throughout the song, the acoustic guitar is finger picked in a haunting and melodic way that straight away draws my attention. Instantly I shut up and pay attention. Then Emma starts singing.

As I have mentioned, Emma’s vocal range is amazing, the slightly lower notes and the higher sustained notes are kept with such precision it adds to the emotions to Waiting For You.

Lyrically, the song describes a woman waiting for her crush whilst he is looking for somebody else, but she will refuse to give up waiting.

Truthfully, I won’t go into too much depth of the song because you really need to listen to understand the level of emotion portrayed by Emma.

The recording itself was recorded by Forshaw Media at Pirate Studios in Liverpool and wonderfully mastered by Miles Myerscough-Harris at WholeHog Media,

The imagery I get in my own mind, is of somebody lying in bed in the dark, staring at the phone of somebody they love but all they see is their crush falling for somebody else. Waiting for You is sung with such emotion, you want to give Emma a hug and tell her he’s not worth it.


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