Review: Wanted - Brittany McLamb


Day after day, we are blessed with great music, in particular in the country scene and Brittany is no exception to this. ‘Wanted’ is her newest single, which will be released on the 19th June, and continues Brittany’s portfolio of amazing songs. Brittany is a Nashville based singer songwriter who is rapidly growing in terms of fan base and her song writing capabilities.

Starting very mellow, Brittany eases us through the first verse which describes getting a call from that guy at 2am, but from then the song is wonderfully layered until boom, the chorus hits with electric guitars and a heavy drum beat that entices anybody to tap their feet and bop their heads to the beat. Going into the 2nd verse and chorus, we have the same skilled layering and rollercoaster of feelings when listening to Wanted. I absolutely love this track and I already have it pre-saved ready for Friday.

After being featured as a guest artis on WSM 650's Coffee, Country & Cody, appearing on WSMV's Channel 4's Today in Nashville live music segment, opened for many great artists like William Michael Morgan, Charles Kelley and LANCO, with being played on many UK Country Internet radio shows *inhales sharply* and having her last single featured on Baylen Leonards Front Porch on Country Hits Radio, Brittany really is making headway in the Country Music Scene!

I also get the great chance to speak to Brittany on the podcast on Thursday 18th June to discuss the track more in depth and to check out her life so be sure to listen!


Pre-save and pre-order ‘Wanted’ now on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you get your music!

Also follow Brittany McLamb on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching @BrittanyMcLamb or @BrittanyMcLambMusic


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