Review: Whiplash - Charlotte Young


Starting with a sweet little acoustic rhythm guitar and a little flicker of the electric guitar, the start to Charlotte Youngs debut song ‘Whiplash’ shows that it can be played amongst the big dogs of Gabby Barret and Kelsey Ballerini. This comes as no surprise as we watched the single climb to number 1 in the UK iTunes Country Chart on the day it was released.

A song about the roller coaster of emotions when it comes to love, the chorus is great to sing along to. Especially behind the wheel of your car and works wonders when you need a song to sing at the top of your lungs. When you think the song is perfect, there is the additional use of the lap pedal steel built within the whole song, though it isn’t overly prominent to the overall production of the song, it adds that little something that just creates the complete package.

When I close my eyes and I listen to this song, I’m taken to warm sunny days, going for a nice long drive, windows open and belting this out at the top of my lungs, which (unfortunately to the other passengers in my car) I have already done a fair few times now.

Whiplash is the song that we all need to get ready for the summer!

I will be looking forward to seeing what else Charlotte has in her arsenal for this year!

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